Posted by: nzydmahara | December 5, 2009

Moving from absolutes

Kia ora all,

Well its been a long day at the Conference of the Youth. This is where youth from around the world get together to increase our understanding and network together.

While I could diarise my actions for the day, you could probably get an outline of that anywhere. Here I want to talk about moving away from absolutes.

I get the feeling that amongst some people they hold true to ‘absolutes’ that reflect their political ideology, not necesarily the best outcome.

Now I am not talking about reduction targets or science (350ppm) which for me are absolutes, but more about how we achieve them.

An example lies in the Clean Development Mechanisms and offsetting. This seems to be pretty well divided along ‘left’ and ‘right’ political ideologies. With the left being more skeptical about its use, and the right being proponents of market mechanisms.

I hate to be one to sit on the fence but I believe the best option will come as a combination of both, as well as some new stuff. The risk is that we get the worst of both instead of the best.

I believe this attitude can be applied to many of the scenarios we face. It is about moving beyond the traditional arguing points and reaching new ground.

So far this blog has been fairly ambiguous and non-specific (maybe its just because its late). But I just wanted to highlighted my belief that there is still political baggage dragging on the negotiations. We need to leave all that behind and break new ground on how we want things to be achieved.

(Insert Albert Einstein quote here)

Anyway, just something to ponder.


  1. Hello Mahara – Thanks for the post. Keep up the energy and have fun. Please continue to post as those of us here are just waiting to hear what is up and how it is all going.

    Thanks again and take care,

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