Posted by: nzydmahara | October 8, 2009


Kia ora all and welcome to my first ever blog!

I’m assuming that because I havent told anyone about this blog you either know me or are incredibly lost!

But to make things easier I’ll start from the beginning and give you a bit about this blog, myself and what I’m going to discuss.

As a member of the New Zealand Youth Delegation we are all attending this years vital conference in Copenhagen in December. This conference will decide the future of international climate policy. As such it is vital that the youth of the world, and New Zealand are represented at the conference. Also that we inspire, inform and empower New Zealand Youth to get involved in what is arguably the greatest risk (and opportunity) facing humankind. AND as part of us connecting with everyone we will all be keeping a blog.

Anyway, a bit of background about me. To put things simply I’m a 26 year old Kiwi bloke. I enjoy rugby, BBQ’s having a few beers etc. But namely I am passionate about sustainability and regeneration, AND business. It has been my passion for many years. Even going so far as to study it at University then work in the field as a career since.

Now many people still see sustainability and business as somewhat contradictory. Despite the stacks of evidence and multitude of case studies there is still reluctance. I believe the complete opposite. I believe that not only is sustainability good for business, business can be good for sustainability.

The aim of my blog is to simply run through my thoughts on the matter, and provide you with some fantastic case studies that I have seen around the place that further highlight that the benefits of sustainable/regenerative business.

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